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Hour of Code

Hour of Code is here
Each year in December, Computer Science Education Week and Code.org challenge students all over the world to participate in the Hour of Code. Over the course of the week, students participate in 60 minutes of computer science education. These can include watching videos about Computer Science, unplugged activities that don't require devices, whole class activities on a tablet or laptop, or even on your own away from school. The number of free available opportunities to learn about programming has grown each year, along with the number of jobs and careers in Computer Science.
San Jose Charter Academy is proud to participate in the Hour of Code.


For your whole-class activity, your teacher will tell you which activity to choose. You can always try other activities when you have available time after finishing your other work. Here are some recommended activities


Foos App on iPad

Coding with Blocks

Hopscotch app on iPad

Coding with Scratch


Coding with Javascript/HTML


Junior Academy Challenge

Looking to develop your coding language skills? Try Compute It!
You are the computer. Read and interpret the programs to win the challenges. You will have to focus and use your intuitive abilities to understand some core concepts of programming. The game's main focus is on code reading, but it will help reduce the number of bugs when you write code by teaching you to write clearer code, with meaningful naming and careful spacing.
Think of it as ST Math for coding. No instructions, and just circles and a moving dot. Telling your friends exactly how to move will not help your classmates. The goal is to help participants understand how code instructions are interpreted. Help your friends by helping them understand the code. Enjoy!
This site will only work on computers with an attached keyboard. It will not work on tablets.


Want to explore more?

Visit https://code.org/learn and search activities by grade level, activity type, and even by the device and platform you are using. There are activities that will challenge coders of all ages and abilities!
Happy Coding!