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Girls Softball


All start times are at 3:30 PM
Date Opponent Result


1. An umpire, assigned by Paul Kevorkian, will officiate the game.

2. Home team provides the soft core softball used.  A league representative provides each school with 3 new game balls.

3. Each team will supply their own bats and gloves.  Bats must be regulation softball bats, no baseball bats permitted.

4. First Aid kit is provided by the home team.

5. No metal spikes are allowed.

6. The home team coach should advise the visiting team coach of the field boundaries, out of play areas, and any safety concerns with the field.

7. One (6 or 7?) inning game will be played.  Games should conclude by 4:30-4:45 even if the (6 or 7?) innings are not finished.

8. Defensive pitcher must play in front of the drawn line, so as not to play close to 2nd base and not to play too far to the right or left of the mound.  They must stay centrally located. 

9. Coaches are not allowed on the playing field on defense (when not batting).  

10. No leading off, sliding, or stealing bases.  A base runner may lead off when the pitched ball crosses home plate OR when the pitched ball is hit by the batter.  If a base runner is off of the base when the pitcher pitches, then the base runner is called out.

11. Three pitches per batter are pitched by the same team as the batter.  

12. If a batted ball strikes the pitcher, then the hitter is called out.  

13. If a batted ball strikes a base runner, then the runner is called out.

14. If any team bats their entire batting order (14 player maximum) in any inning, that side of the inning is over when the ball is dead and teams will switch sides.

15. If the ball goes out of bounds or is carried out of bounds, then the ball is deemed DEAD and the base runners may advance to the next base.

16. When the ball is overthrown, but still in play, base runners can advance as many bases as they can.

17. Defensive players may not get in the way or make a motion in order to distract the base runners.  No standing in the base path or on the base of the base runner unless the play is taking place at that moment in that spot.

18. Game will consist of 7 innings.

19. Game ends in a tie after 7 innings. 

20. If a students needs to leave early from a game, replacing player needs to follow the same batting order. 

21. $40 per ref

Practice Monday and Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm. Please be on time.