SJCA Handbook » Notifications


Complaints pursuant to Williams and/or Valenzuela vs. The State of California shall be either remedied or forwarded to the district office for remedy within 10 days of the filing of the complaint. All such complaints shall be resolved within 30 days from the filing of the complaint.
The Superintendent or designee shall meet the notification requirements of the Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 4622, including the annual dissemination of district complaint procedures and information about available appeals, civil law remedies, and conditions under which a complaint may be taken directly to the California Department of Education. This policy shall be distributed annually to students, employees, parents/guardians, district/school advisory committees, appropriate private school officials or representatives, and other interested parties. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that complainants understand that they may pursue other remedies, including actions before civil courts or other public agencies. Remedies may include court orders, preliminary injunctions and/or restraining orders.