Principal's Message

Welcome to SJCA!

We welcome you, our Sharky parents. We welcome you, our Sharky supporters. We welcome you, our Sharky friends. We welcome you, our Sharky students.
Thank you for choosing to be a part of our community. Over 20 years, we have grown with our students, their families and with one another. We have started every year with a motto. Last year's motto was 2020 Vision: New Ways of Seeing. Little did we know that so much would be seen and experienced differently and in NEW WAYS!
Together, we worked to connect with our students, your children, learning more about the COVID-19 pandemic and how or when we would be able to be together again. We begin this year in the Distance Learning model but we are determined to unite and bridge the physical divide to meet your diverse children's experiences, talents and genius. Yes, genius. Each child has a unique voice and together, weave our collective SJCA Story. It's the most special story to write together.
I ask that this year, 2020, "Your Voice; Our Story" be the year we discover our young and older Sharks' voices in an online teaching and learning environment - That we find ways to connect with one another with the intention of creating the space to speak, listen, understand, and increase our awareness of our stories. We are living in a challenging time but it is this moment that has given way to envision possibility. There are supreme opportunities to challenge our comfort, to challenge our idea of "normal", to challenge our ideals. The time is here; the time is now.
Welcome to our SJCA Shark Story, Chapter 23.
Let's write it together.
Erin Shiroma, Principal
e:  erin[email protected]
c:  626.222.1348
p:  626.856.1693 x4001

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