Our Mission and Vision

OUR VISION                                                                                                 


The San Jose Charter Academy vision is to inspire students to create, innovate, and imagine limitless possibilities…



Unique in school design and organizational structure, we offer a rigorous instructional program designed to build the foundation that will ensure our students’ success in the future. To better meet the needs of our students, our school is divided into smaller academies – Primary K-2, Elementary 3-5, and Junior Academy 6-8. “Houses” of teachers and students are grouped within the structure and move together through the academies. Our “communities within a community” concept allows for exceptional bonding and communication between our staff, students, and parents.


The Charter School takes pride in the fact that we have forged strong partnerships with our parent community. Parents are very supportive of our efforts and continue to show their appreciation through their volunteerism and participation in a variety of school activities. Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff, supportive parents, and involved community members all work collaboratively for the sole purpose of providing a world-class education to all. 


The continuity of program design enables each student to learn with a tenacious spirit, allowing them each to best meet or exceed core learning standards. The continuity is not only maintained throughout the school’s academy structure, but within grade level professional learning communities. As our teams collaborate, we maintain the following learning goals:


  • Behold a spirit for pursuing learning
  • Be highly literate and intellectually curious
  • Communicate effectively
  • Think critically and consider an opposing argument
  • Solve conflict constructively
  • Maintain a core set of values including wisdom, justice, courage, compassion, respect, responsibility, justice and integrity
  • Exercise perseverance, leadership, and compassion in caring for themselves and others and the world we share
  • Be economically self-sufficient in the 21st century's global marketplace

OUR MISSION AND GOALS                             

The mission of San Jose Charter Academy, in partnership with parents and the community, is to prepare our students with the skills necessary to thrive and positively impact the global community through the 21st century. San Jose Charter Academy is a school that prepares children to thrive not only in the world as it is today, but prepare to create the world that can be. The details of the plan that will ensure positive results for San Jose Charter Academy students are set forth below. Among other things, we intend to reach our ambitious standards in the following ways:
  • To increase our effectiveness in moving all students academically to proficiency through the implementation of the Common Core Standards.
  • To increase our effectiveness in moving all students academically to proficiency level through effective data driven instruction.
  • To provide professional development for all instructional staff that will maximize the effectiveness of instruction.
  • To improve intervention strategies.