8th Grade Promotion

Welcome to our promotion page!
Promotion is an event that celebrates the culmination of our 8th-grade students. It is our hope that the students understand how much we have cherished them as a part of our community and that they return to help us grow our next leaders. As they venture off to high school we send them off with a dance, brunch, & awesome promotion.
Arleen Lemus | Administrator of Secondary Education
Promoting Class of 2022 Information
Dates to Remember:
Thursday, June 2 : 8th graders off at Knott's!
Buses will leave SJCA by 8:30am
Return at 8:30
Friday, June 3 : 8th grade Dance
Venue: Junior Academy Quad
Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Theme: A Royal Night Out
Monday, June 6 : 8th grade Promotion
Citrus College: Haugh Performing Arts Center
5:00 - 7:00pm
* Every living body will need to have a ticket to enter the Center. Each student will receive a guaranteed 8 tickets.
* Parking cost $5
Wednesday, June 8 : 8th grade Brunch & Community Activity
SJCA Field 
8am - 11am
Thank you to everyone who has donated to the event! We are so grateful.
Promotion Details:
Dress Code | 
  • Boys must wear dress pants (khakis are fine) or black jeans and a collared shirt; jackets are optional.
  • Girls are to wear a dress or nice pant outfit. (Girls may wear summer dresses that would be appropriate for an afternoon party. Strapless or one strap dresses are inappropriate for a Junior High ceremony).
  • Dresses off-the-shoulder styles or halter-tops, should be worn with a jacket and necklines should not be low-cut (shawls are not acceptable replacements for a jacket).
  • Please, no tuxedos or semi-formal dresses.
  • Blue jeans, shorts and sweat pants are not to be worn.
  • Students are asked to wear clean, neat clothes to the Eighth Grade Promotion and Dance. Clothing is expected to conform to the SJCA Dress Code with the exception that young ladies may wear dresses with shoulder straps provided they are appropriate.
Achievement Awards | Given out at promotion *not limited to:
  • Core Subject
  • Specialist
  • Core Value
  • Student of the Year
  • Principal Honor Roll (4.0 – 8th-grade year)
  • Presidential Award (4.0 – 6th thru 8th grade)
  • Presidential Award (3.9 - 6th thru 8th grade)