8th Grade Promotion

Welcome to our promotion page!
Promotion is an event that celebrates the culmination of our 8th-grade students. It is our hope that the students understand how much we have cherished them as a part of our community and that they return to help us grow our next leaders. As they venture off to high school we send them off with a dance, brunch, & awesome promotion.
Arleen Lemus | Administrator of Secondary Education
Promoting Class of 2023 Dates to Remember:
Thursday, May 25, 2023:
Knotts Berry Farm 8th grade Trip
8th grade Dance: Friday, June 2, 2023
Location: SJCA
We will be making this a VIP event. Dress to impress and enjoy the music, food and a whole lot of dancing! We will have a DJ, photo booth, and much more. 
8th grade Promotion: Monday, June 5, 2023
Citrus College: Haugh Performing Arts Center
1000 W Foothill Blvd, Glendora, CA 91741
5:00 - 7:00pm
Every living body will need to have a ticket to enter the Center.
Each student will receive a guaranteed 8 tickets.
Parking cost $5
8th grade Brunch: Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Location: SJCA
Enjoy the last day of school with your most loved friends.
The committee is planning a nice brunch and gift to commemorate the years you
have been at SJCA. More details to come!

Promotion is going to be here in a flash! June 5. 2023. is going to be here sooner than we know it. The parent committee is starting to prepare for the amazing upcoming activities for your 8th grade students. Below you will find a list of activities that we are planning:

  • 8th Grade Dance
  • 8th Grade Brunch
  • 8th Grade Promotion

In hopes of providing our students with a lasting memory we are asking for donations to help cover the cost for the above activities. Our 2023 budget is approximately $7000. We have calculated that if every student donated $40 most of our costs would be covered. However, please feel free to donate whatever suits your budget! Every little bit helps, even if you can donate a little each month!

Your generous donation in the form of cash or check on behalf of the Class of ‘23 is greatly appreciated. You may turn it in to your students HB teacher or to Ms. Lemus.


Please make checks payable to SJCA PTO.

100% of your donation will be used for 8th Grade Promotion Activities & gifts for your student(s).





Dress Code | 
  • Boys must wear dress pants (khakis are fine) or black jeans and a collared shirt; jackets are optional.
  • Girls are to wear a dress or nice pant outfit. (Girls may wear summer dresses that would be appropriate for an afternoon party. Strapless or one strap dresses are inappropriate for a Junior High ceremony).
  • Dresses off-the-shoulder styles or halter-tops, should be worn with a jacket and necklines should not be low-cut (shawls are not acceptable replacements for a jacket).
  • Please, no tuxedos or semi-formal dresses.
  • Blue jeans, shorts and sweat pants are not to be worn.
  • Students are asked to wear clean, neat clothes to the Eighth Grade Promotion and Dance. Clothing is expected to conform to the SJCA Dress Code with the exception that young ladies may wear dresses with shoulder straps provided they are appropriate.
Achievement Awards | Given out at promotion *not limited to:
  • Core Subject
  • Specialist
  • Core Value
  • Student of the Year
  • Principal Honor Roll (4.0 – 8th-grade year)
  • Presidential Award (4.0 – 6th thru 8th grade)
  • Presidential Award (3.9 - 6th thru 8th grade)
Thank you to the families of the following students for donating to the promotion committee! 
Abe Rodriguez
Adaya Taylor
Aizza Salinas
Alanis Cuan
Alexis Hurtado
Andrea Fernandez
Andrew Manalad
Arianna Aguilar
Bethany Huerta
Billie Eang
Brandon Beltran
Britney Ramirez
Bryan Rodriguez
Carleen Virgen
Cassandra Cordova
Chase Wilson
Christian Figueroa
Christopher Leon
Dalilah James
Daniel Espitia
Daniel Godinez
Dashaugn Bynum
Diego Gutierrez
Drew & Lucas Amaro*
Dyshawn Johnson
Eden Wang
Elias Irvin
Ellise Llarena
Emma Cordova
Emma Calderon
Esia Carrillo
Estevan Garcia
Ethan Monroy
Ethan Salazar
Felicity Ware
Fernando Ibarra
Gabriel Diaz
Gabryelle Mendoza
Gianna Gil
Grant & Summer Do
Ian Chan
Ivan Ramos
Jaden Mojardin
Jaden Tse
Jazelle Touzard
Jazlyn On
Jennifer Pham
Joe Morales
John Paredes
Johnason Zhang
Joleen Carlin
Julian Rodriguez
Kaleo Estrada
Kaylie Liao
Konnor Bonilla
Kurtis Xu
Lizandro Ruiz
Lukas Salcedo
Marcus Stanciu
Marianna Caldera
Marshall Kiedpool
Matthew Rocha
Mia Coria
Michael Soto
Michelle Ramos
Moises Quintero
Mya Martin
Natalia Thomas
Nathan Pichardo
Nathan Reyes
Olivia Hoang
Omar Arretche
Ozzy Ayala
Patricia Galvan
Raymond Valadez
Richard Lee
Ryan Lefellad
Sai Mukund Nandipati
Saige Bautista
Sarah Hernandez
Seth Estrada
Sophia Goda
Sophia Guerra
Sophia Guerrero
Steven Sepulveda
Susana Macatangay
Syler Chy
Tatianna Salahuddin
Xavier Pacheco
Xavier Rivera