Art Club Information

General Information on Art Club


Who: Fourth through eighth graders may try out for Art Club at the beginning of each school year (second and third week of school). Students are selected based on a “Creativity Test.” Approximately fifty students are selected each year.


What is the Creativity Test?: Students are given two types of characters, two random objects, and a setting. They are asked to incorporate all these elements in one drawing. Students are expected to draw big and lightly. The drawing should tell a story/have a focal point. Students are judged by art technique, and creative concept.


When: Art Club members will meet every Tuesday after school from 3:20-4:20 pm.


Art Club Member Guidelines


Goal: To provide students with the opportunity to nurture their artistic abilities and explore new techniques and materials. To grow independently as a creative artist.


Code of Conduct: Students are expected to do the following while in Art Club.


  • Attendance:  Students are expected to come to all scheduled meetings. Absences need to be excused with parent/guardian communication (note, email or phone call).  Three unexcused absences will result in being dropped from Art Club.


  • Productivity:  Students are expected to participate in Art Club activities and projects. Students are expected to consistently produce and complete Art Club related work. Cell phone use is restricted to parent communication only.


  • Responsibility: Art Club members are responsible for bringing necessary supplies for projects, not being wasteful, and cleaning up properly.  


  • Positive Attitude: Students are part of Art Club because they want to be. Having a positive outlook on oneself and peers will result in a fun and exciting experience while attending.