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Wobbegong House - 8th Grade

Welcome back Class of 2019! It's so hard to believe this is their last year with us at SJCA. Make it a good one!!
Mr. Woo is the lead teacher of the house. He has a passion for empowering students to use their voice and speak their truth! He has been in education for 18 years and 14 of those have been with us at SJCA. Outside of work, Mr. Woo enjoys reading and spending time with his family and by family he also means former students. He is passionate about connection and will make sure that he attends as many student performances or experiences that he can. Mr. Woo also assists as a co- STEM club advisor.
Ms. McLellan has been in the education field for 5 years. She has been with SJCA for 4 out of those 5! She also plays a dual role as co-advisor to the STEM club. When she is not teaching science she likes to explore national parks, rollerskating and sewing (you could see her wearing the clothes she has sewn together sometimes - her own couture!). She is currently enrolled in UC San Diego's sustainability and Behavior Change program to continue her education. 
Mr. Leahy is passionate about his subject! He can talk about history and relate it to just about anything current. He has been in education "all his life" but has been at SJCA for 14 years. Something you might not know about him is that he started as a daycare employee here! When he is not working he enjoys working on his car, golfing, reading history books or books about serial killers/murders and going places with his wife! One thing he would like for you to know is that he "wishes for our kids to travel and experience as many cultures and distant far-off places as they possibly can during their lifetime."
Mr. Milman has been in the educational field for 14 years (ALL with SJCA). He has three little boys in whom he loves and cares for very much! When he is not at work he really enjoys reading, basketball, movies, and spending time with family (not necessarily in that order). Mr. Milman creates meaningful connections with his students. They really see him as a mentor and not just their History teacher!

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